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Maths:2nd class (1 260 exercises) -  Maths:3rd Class (1 699 exercises) -  Maths:4th Class (2 250 exercises) -  Maths:5th Class (1 414 exercises) -  Maths:6th Class (1 510 exercises) -  Maths:1st Form (1 033 exercises) -  Maths:2nd Form (528 exercises) -  French:3rd Class (312 exercises) -  French:1st Form (461 exercises) -  Maths:3rd Form (1 741 exercises) -  Maths:4th Form (1 820 exercises) -  Maths:5th Form (840 exercises) -  TOTAL (14 868 exercises) - 
Hemisphere-Education is an ambitious project aiming at providing a consistent set of tools for education. It's mainly composed of a huge set of interactive math exercises, targeted for every level of primary and secondary schools. Our system can be used locally (provided you download and install the software) or online using our web based interface. The later looks more attractive as our entire collection of more than 15 000 exercises is immediately available every time and can be used as desired by anyone interested. In addition to existing exercises, we also provide a system that allows everyone to create its own set of exercises and keep it within our database for the same purpose and with the same facilities for end users. We also offer number of attractive standalone tools.

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